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9Hotel Central
47 chambres
10 rue des Colonies
+ 32 (0) 2 504 99 10
9Hotel Sablon
34 chambres
rue de la Paille 2
Tel + 32 2 504 99 12
Bd du Triomphe 207
12 Rue de l'Industrie
Boulevard Anspach 20
02 212 93 00
Alma Grand Place
37 chambres
rue des Eperonniers 42-44
+32 0 250 22 82
Why become a member?

As a member of the Brussels Hotels Association (BHA), hoteliers enjoy a range of benefits and services that allow them to be better represented, better informed and better connected with other professionals in the hotel sector.

  • Representing and promoting the interests of the hotel industry by uniting stakeholders.
  • Access to information, reports and statistical data useful to the hotel industry as well as regular updates on relevant legislation.
  • Organisation of conferences and seminars on topical and sectoral issues.
  • Access to a recruitment platform specific to the hotel industry to facilitate the recruitment of qualified personnel.
  • Advocating for good governance and ensuring the ethics of the profession.
  • Supporting continuous professional training.
  • Improving the attractiveness of the destination and the customer experience for tourists and business travellers.
  • Support for the implementation of a plan to combat unfair competition.
  • Collaboration with other working groups and associations related to the hotel sector.
  • Events and networking opportunities with other members and professionals in the hotel and tourism sectors.
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