Chef de cuisine (M/W/X)

Assure the organization, the preparation and the quality of the services and culinary achievements proposed to the guest: • Lead a team of 5 to 7 cooks and 2 to 3 stewards • Take care that his or her team does its utmost concerning their work and the quality of their work as the presentation to the guests. • Respect the Food Book concept. • Make sure that he or she controls the different services that are placed under his or her responsibility. • Create a good team and a good working atmosphere. • Make sure that the rules and regulations concerning hygiene and safety are respected and applied in the department, especially also the standards for HACCP. • Respect the labor legislation in the department. • Get involved in the local environment in order to get to know the specialties and the guest expectations. • Make sure that he or she is informed about what is going on with the competitors. • Carry out and/ or supervise the preparation of certain plates. • Manage the different parts of the kitchen and the stewarding. • Design the menus in cooperation with the Food & Beverage Manager. • Show evidence of innovation and creativity in making and decorating the plates. • Control a good working organization for the entire team and make sure that there is a good collaboration and information flow between the different services and departments in the hotel • Take care of a good use and life expectation of the materials and equipment in the department. • Control the stock of the products and certain drinks. • Participate in the choice of suppliers and order the merchandises while respecting the policy of orders from the hotel and the Carlton Hotel Collection. • Carry out the inventories. • Participate in the development of the yearly budgets for the department, analysis the results and put up the necessary corrective actions. • Search continuously with the team for improving tastes and ratios while preserving the quality of the results. • Set up the schedules for the kitchen and the stewarding employees, taking into account replacements, holidays, days off, etc. • Control the good condition and cleanliness of the employee uniforms. • Organize meetings with the team and take care of a good communication with and between the team members. • Participate on formulating a training schedule for the department. • Recruit his or her employees in collaboration with Human Resources. • Carry out the evaluations of the team members. • Purchase order linked to KPI’s.